Project D:Campaign Poster Series

Campaign Poster Series
[Constructing Meaningful Messages]

1. Project Brief: This is a part of your capstone project. Define the followings according to your campaign plan. Imagine how you are going to sell your idea for your project. The pubic will receive your message through these 3 posters that are sending a targeted message to either understand and/or act.

Campaign Title:

The Message: What is the targeted message you want to communicate with the public? Provide a quote or your creative copy line.

Targeted Audience:

2. Design Process: Plan and provide your design process.

Design Research
Campaign + Advertising, Other poster design

ART DIRECTION: Are the big idea, core concepts or theme, look and feel, and targeted message integrated to your design layout, typography, copy, graphics? How did you solve the design problems? THE BIG IDEA AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGY: Where do big ideas come from? How would you convey the idea? What are the communication methods have you considered or developed for the visual languages?

Poster 1 :

Poster 2 :

Poster 3 :

PUBLIC RESPONSE: What do you intend when your message is presented to the public? After presentation, would you reconsider your art direction with public understanding?

3. Design Specifications:



Printer and Inks:

Display Method:


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