Project E: Human Rights Poster Series [Constructing Meaningful Messages]

Project brief
This project is to experience of the power of the visual communication through out a series of awareness posters that you design. You will design 3 posters; 2 pre-announced campaign-like and 1 event poster. The topic should be found in human rights issues including promoting peace, diversity, environmental/social/political matters, or end-hunger. The event might be a convention, festival, concert or any creative gatherings to support the human rights. You will design a campaign plan for the event, which the public will get a chance to think, gasp, laugh, assent, protest, or otherwise react. The most effective poster will promote ideas, encourage, or persuade the public.

Reference Site the Zimbabwean poster designer Chaz Maviyane-Davies and his Human Rights poster series, produced in mid-1990s. His design was influenced by his African heritage. His goal was to fight for human rights in Africa and to remind “authorities of their moral obligations as leaders and human beings.”

Design Process
week 1
01. Research on Amnesty International or any other human rights organization to understand the group’s mission and motivations.
02. Visual research: look at twentieth-centry political propaganda posters, which argue or persuade from a political or social point of view.
03. Review the 32 rights again and select a right to focus on.
04. Brainstorm ideas that would enable you to create an engaging, effective, and meaningful message that supports or argues for the right. The main thing is your message should be understood by a general public.
05. Plan for the series and write a design statement
06. 20 thumbnail sketches and choose 2 to make into half-size rough layout for critique (building a mode boad is optional).
week 2
07. Based on the feedback you received in critique, choose the most successful concept and rework it into a full-size rough color layout for class critique.
week 3
08. Create comprehensive layout of the posters and mount 3 posters full size.
09. Present your concept and the final design to the class.

:: Size: 20” X 30” vertical preferred
:: Any media and color

Presentation and Final
:: Presentation: your series of 3 posters on an each 20” X 30” mount board (no margins)
:: Bring your process/mode board with you to class and be prepared to present the concept behind your series.
:: Design Process Book: The entire design process should be printed out and binded in a book format
:: Submit working files and final design in CD


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