[Atomic Testing Museum poster campaign]



Atomic Testing Museum poster campaign

It’s not often that an ad campaign stimulates profound thought. But, when Las Vegas-based R&R Partners created this series of posters announcing an exhibition at the Atomic Testing Museum, they made the creative as thought-provoking as the subject. Since much of the early testing of atomic weapons and bomb development took place in the desert right outside of Vegas, many years later, it’s still a hot button topic for many Nevadans. Happily, though, this campaign doesn’t take sides. Like the museum, it addresses the issues and challenges people to form their own opinions.

Glen Scott, art director; Tony Marin, writer; Matt McKay, creative director; Randy Snow, executive creative director; Peter Harasty, photographer.

www.rrpartners.comwww.atomictestingm …


~ by cyunsun on April 29, 2008.

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