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Designer and educator, Hettie Jordan-Vilanova and Dorothy Dunn collaborated to create all four activities in the series.

Download Alexander Isley Inc.’s “You Can Design!” poster and activity.

Download Rafael Esquer’s “Fantastic Animals” poster and activity.

Download Ahn Tuan Pham’s “Nine Views of New York City’s Rockefeller Center” poster and activity.

Download Emanuela Frigerlo’s “The Design of Color” poster and activity.


[Atomic Testing Museum poster campaign]

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Atomic Testing Museum poster campaign

It’s not often that an ad campaign stimulates profound thought. But, when Las Vegas-based R&R Partners created this series of posters announcing an exhibition at the Atomic Testing Museum, they made the creative as thought-provoking as the subject. Since much of the early testing of atomic weapons and bomb development took place in the desert right outside of Vegas, many years later, it’s still a hot button topic for many Nevadans. Happily, though, this campaign doesn’t take sides. Like the museum, it addresses the issues and challenges people to form their own opinions.

Glen Scott, art director; Tony Marin, writer; Matt McKay, creative director; Randy Snow, executive creative director; Peter Harasty, photographer.

www.rrpartners.comwww.atomictestingm …

[Crossroads Film Festival poster campaign]

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Crossroads Film Festival poster campaign

This year, Jackson Missippi-based ad agency Maris, West & Baker wanted to establish the Crossroads Film Festival as a genuine independent event with the essence of Sundance—sort of a poorman’s Cannes. To accomplish its goal, the creative team developed a series of posters with a bold, indie/pop look. Accompanied by headlines that all but guarantee that people will see great films—and be able to meet the directors, actors and filmmakers before they hit the big time—the posters skillfully accomplished the task-at-hand.

David Crane/Crystal Coleman/Chris Nolen/Keith Fraser, art directors/designers; Keith Fraser, associate creative director; Marc Leffler, writer/creative director.

www.mwb.comwww.crossroadsfilm …

[Au Bon Pain nose posters]

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Au Bon Pain nose posters

BBDO NY adds a sense of humor to the sense of smell in this campaign for Au Bon Pain. Translated literally, the company name means, “Of good bread.” To emphasize the point, in-store posters and tabletop displays were created for local Au Bon Pain bakery cafes. Running in select locations in New York City, the campaign features a variety of breads cropped to make them look like the noses that enjoy the delicious aromas emanating from the bakeries.

Marcel Yunes, art director; Tommy Troncoso, writer; Kara Goodrich, senior creative director; David Lubars/Bill Bruce, chief creative officers; Joel Markman, photographer.


[Vers Couture in-store posters]

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Vers Couture in-store posters

Ad Impact (Perth, Australia) created a poster/magazine campaign to launch the Spring 2007 collection of Vers Couture shoes. The brief: To show all footwear and the range of available colors. The solution: Use the new collection to create vibrant spring flowers, color-coding them into their different styles. The result: With the tagline, “Step into Spring,” each poster combines dozens of style and flower variations (all comprised of shoes).

Drew Ridley/Steve Lorimer, art director/writers; Drew Ridley/Steve Lorimer/Brendan Hibbert, designers; James Rogers, photographer.


[Nebraska Book Company in-store posters]

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Nebraska Book Company in-store poster

Nebraska Book Company’s in-house design team produced this poster series for its Buy a Book, Build a Forest campaign—currently in its second year of implementation throughout its 250 college bookstore network. The promotion, a collaborative effort with the Arbor Day Foundation, shows the environmental benefits of buying used (recycled) textbooks, instead of new, by focusing on the planting of a 100,000 tree forest.

Bennett Holzworth, art director/writer; Shane Jochum, creative director; Scott Rempe, project director; Curtis Pachunka, illustrator.


[United Nations Millennium Development Goals posters]

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United Nations Millennium Development Goals posters

During a seven-week workshop, students from the Art Institute of California, San Diego were asked to create eight posters illustrating the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (initiated in 2000): the eradication of poverty, the achievement of universal primary education, gender equality, the reduction of child mortality, improved maternal health, environmental sustainability, HIV/AIDS prevention and the establishment of a global partnership. Each poster (designed to be displayed 2′ x 3′) represents a separate societal responsibility; to convey the concepts, students chose one representative word and two additional words/images to support and contrast themes. The posters also act as a metaphor for what’s possible when nations work together—when displayed in order of goals one through eight, the first letter of each word in each poster spells the word POSSIBLE. The presentation of the posters coincided with the 58th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations’ Charter. Since that time, they’ve been displayed in San Diego, California and New York.

Jeanette Bonds/Pauline Carrasco/Chris Caviness/Shannon Deaver/David Gonsalves/Erin Hardy/Christie Hemm/Adam Jafry/Erik Johnson/Matthew Lucero/Rich Melcher/Gabriel Meza/Israel Navarro/Jordan Roach/Bryan Wingen, designers; Claire Schneider/Jeff Silva, faculty; United Nations Association of the United States, San Diego Chapter, client.

www.artinstitutes. … www.unasd.org