Project C: Capstone Process Website + Building Your Online Process Book

Capstone Process Website + Building Your Online Process Book

1. Project Brief
Design process defines a quality of a final design. You should be able to organize your design process and manage it well in order to achieve the maximum quality of work. A online portfolio is a digital storytelling where you will showcase of your design process and completions. In this project you will build your portfolio website using The content of the site will be showcasing your design work and process focusing on your capstone project. Here is the reference site that we are going to learn how to build your site:

2. Design Process (the detailed information will be provided)
Check this reference out:

Register on site as a user.

Get your own blog. Get an unique address for your site like or (see#14 below).

Study the structure of the Site Administration: Dashboard, Write, Manage, Comments, Blogroll, Presentation, Users, Options, Upgrades.

Sketch out your own site structure: pages and sub pages, categories, links, etc.
Get an approval for the site structure by yunsun.
Choose a template.

Build the Pages + Links + Presentation.

01. About
——– Background:
My City My Story My Design Ground Work: Map, Emotional Statement, Inspirations
——– Research: Problems and Solutions Facts and Diagrams
——– Designer

02. Business plan
— 03. Design Process
——– Design Direction: Concept + Look and Feel/Style + Typography + Colors
——– Branding: Message, Tagline, Keywords sketches and development process
——– Design Guideline: Logo, Size, Color, Typo, Variations and Application Guidelines
04. Production
——– Products
——– Services
——– Campaign
05. Resources
06. Capstone Requirements
——– Capstone document (20 page)
——– Presentation
——– Exhibition
Build Links.

Construct Presentation.

Start posting and manage the site construction.

Refine each page for the capstone presentation.

Present to the class.

Post your web address to the course website.

Personal Website (optional) Purchase your personal domain name URL > Purchase a hosting service > Export and Import your worpress XML file > Rebuild your site > Maintain it.

    3. Design Specifications

    1. Design: Choose a template and modify it. Each page layout should be well constructed and designed.
    2. Content: Capstone Design and Development and Other Art and Design Projects
    3. Time: 3 weeks project
    4. Presentation: April 15
    5. Deadline: April 23

    19 Responses to “Project C: Capstone Process Website + Building Your Online Process Book”

    1. The only problem I have with this project is how much WordPress is going to let us modify. The only thing we can modify is the header….

    2. I know things can be limited. However some templates are quite flexible. We’ll discuss this in the class.


















    19. Where did the rest of 10 people go? yun*

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