01. Syllabus

Design is how we continuously express our values and priorities in remaking the world. By connecting vision to action we project ourselves into the futures. by Michael Shannon

In this course the flexibility and potential of the Web is explored. Issues in computer interface and interaction design are discussed and measured to develop user-centered and imaginative web design. The course instructs students on working with images, text, and sound for the Web and other applications. New directions in interactivity and animation are also incorporated into the course.
Prerequisite: art 251

To build a strong foundation of web and media design
To experience a web design process
To work in a collaborative team interacting with clients
To acquire proficiency of using Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, and Flash
To prepare to create strong portfolio works

• Practical knowledge on theory and history of art and design
• Professional attitude, skills and practices with team or client projects
• Critical thinking, solution finding, and efficient management in a personalized design process
• Effective communication skills to develop and design their ideas and concepts
• Strong graphic design foundation in visual literacy and techniques
• Enhanced proficiency to work in a variety of artistic and design media

• Information Literacy and Communication
• Information Technology
• Critical Thinking
• Global Awareness
• Collaborative Teamwork


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