06. Project Submission

Dear Students,

You have worked on 4 projects this semester. Here are the final submission specifications for Graphic Design 3, which will be graded on time.


1. Posters printed and mounted. Write your name and the course at the back of the boards.
Make sure your posters are well wrapped and protected till the exhibition next semester.

2. CD includes process and final files 4 projects

— 4 folders for each project and each folder has 2 files; one final and one process. Don’t forget to reduce your file size to A4. I don’t need a actual size file.

— The process files must be the final stage file only with resources that you have used in either ai or psd.

— Project A: Bookcover [file name i.e, yunsun_bookcover.ai/psd and yunsun_bookcover.pdf]

— Project B: Video Narratives: working files and final Quicktime Movie on CD [ file name i.e, yunsun_campaign.mov and the original working file]

— Project C: Your web blog address

— Project D: Posters [file name i.e, yunsun_campaign_posters.ai/psd and yunsun_campaign_posters.pdf]

— CD COVER REQUIRED with your name and course

3. Your sketchbook or reference that you would like to present.


TUESDAY JUNE 10TH at 1PM-2PM ( Graphic Design 3 Exam Time. Everyone should be available.)

CL1 002 Yunsun’s Office will be open only for one hour.


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