Photoshop Workshop

Here is the course website for your workshop:

Photoshop Workshop
Presenter: Babar Azeem from Intermarkets, Dubai

In this workshop, you will learn the followings below.
You will also work on your Project A as you apply techniques you have learned through these workshops.

Workshop 1
Tue. Feb. 12

12-1pm: Babar W1 Photoshop Workshop 50 min.
Photoshop Techniques
New Tools
Hair cutout
How to make Gray Scale image
How to increase the resolution low to high
How to manipulate images

Workshop 2
Tue. Feb. 17

12-1pm: Babar W2 Photoshop Workshop 50 min.
Layers and Mask
Layer comps

Workshop 3
Wed. Feb. 19:

12-1pm: Babar W3 Photoshop Workshop 50 min.
Noise Technique
Illustration and Photoshop Integration
Output for the finals

Workshop 4
Tue. Feb. 24

12-1pm: Babar W4 Photoshop Workshop 50 min.
Photoshop and InDesign Integration
InDesign Layout

Workshop 5
Wed. Feb. 26

12-1pm: Babar W5 Photoshop Workshop 50 min.
Compression for the web
EPS compression

Presentation and Critiques: Time and place is not determined yet.
Project A Brief— Book/Magazine Cover Re-design

    Channel Mixer     Velvet display      Enhance image from darken     Increase Image size     Noise Technique     Use noise for gradient ground     median Technique     Sepia Technique     Duo tone Technique Halftone Bitmap     Action command     Wrap command     Hair cut Technique      Healing Technique     Ad layer mask     Make channel     Color balance for Hair     How to use bridge     How to make black & white images     contact sheets     Purge     Photomerge Technique     Manipulation photoshop on different images     CMYK Technique for printing purpose     Liquify Technique     Proof setup Technique     Screen mode changes     Clipping path      Image convert to xray form     Colour image convert to out line Technique 


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