There are many aspects to critique these posters such as visual message or use of photography or typography. Post one thing you have learned or inspired by these posters along with your opinion about them as a general audience.


~ by cyunsun on April 24, 2008.


  1. I really love these posters
    in my opinion such posters can be displayed without text because the images and illustrations say it all! Powerful concepts and visuals

  2. In simple words:

    “a picture is worth 1000 words”

  3. simple yet very strong visuals that really sends the message powerfully and clearly.. loved them!

  4. 1- I like the idea of serial poster.. it works as a story

    2- The image plays a big role in attracting the viewer even if the concept is strong. It weakens or strengthens the concept and the messages.

    3- I like the combination between Photoshop techniques and illustrations.

  5. the visuals supports the concept strongly. really liked them

  6. Always the strong images make your design powerful, as they said one image speaks thousands words. And that’s what i really want to use in my posters, i want to use strong images with less text and make the picture speak.

  7. Amazing!!
    such a strong posters that communicate the message easily, both concept and visuals were used effectively to support each other..

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