Arabic Patterns

Project brief

In this project, your will study and explore colors, symbols, pattern that are in Arabic aesthetics as well as learn how to use the basics of Illustrator. You will learn creating and modifying shapes, layers, mask, and etc. As you take photos of patterns that you find in the regions, you will discover the beauty in Arabic patterns. You will create 6 symbols first, then with simplified symbols as units, you will build 4 patterns in colors. Through a series of workshop, you will also understand the basics of colors and a creation of color combinations.

Learning Objectives/Goals
To define the beauty of Arabic aesthetics
To understand color theory and combinations
To discover symbols in the culture
To find patterns in the city
To learn the basics of Illustrator

Design Process

week 1
■ Sketches on 6 Design Principles
■ Take 25 photos of Arabic symbols and patterns
■ Create 3 symbols in Illustrator
■ Workshop 1: Learning Illustrator (dots, lines, shapes)

week 2
■ Create 3 more symbols in Illustrator
■ Finalize 6 symbols and print out
■ Workshop 2: Learning Illustrator

week 3
■ Study Color Combinations
■ Create 2 patterns in Illustrator
■ Apply colors to patterns
■ Workshop 3: Learning Colors

week 4
■ Create 2 more patterns in Illustrator
■ Refine all 6 symbols and 4 patterns in colors
■ Workshop 3: Creating PDF files and CD file structure/organization

week 5
■ Finalize the comps
■ Create comprehensive layout of 6 symbols and 4 patterns in a black form board.
■ Present your concept and the final design to the class..


■ Display Board Size: 20 in X 30 in black form board (horizontal preferred)
■ Image size: 6 Symbols- 3 in X 3 in, 4 Patterns- 4” X 4”

Presentation and Final

■ Presentation: Display board, process book, sketch book, or others
■ Blackboard: Post your final PDF file contained 6 images
■ Design Process Book: The entire design process is printed out and bound in which         design document should be included.
■ CD: Organized working files, final files, and PDFs


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