Project A: Book/Magazine Cover and Page Layout Re-Design

Project brief
This project you will create a book jacket series and other promotional design applications including a newspaper ad for the series. You’ll understand the marketing aspects of book design as promoting a public awareness of the information.

Learning Objectives/Goals:
To learn a layout design process
To understand the issues in editorial design
To build an integrated context-based grid and break it
To learn Illustrator CS and InDesign CS

Course Lectures:
— Book Design
— Magazine Design: michael_book_redesign.pdf
— Layout Design

Design Process:
Work on design document from research to final design
01. Understand the project
02. Learn to write a designer statement
03. Work on the project overview
04. Study the current design: problems and solutions
05. Think outside of the box: brainstorming and sketches
06. Be creative: sketches
07. Be accurate: refinement and revisions
08. Design the presentation board
09. Print and display on board
10. Presentation and critique

Critique points:
01. Describe your project overview and art direction.
02. Did you achieve meeting your art direction/design goal?
03. Is the layout simple, unique, and memorable?
04. Why did you choose the color combinations? How are they supporting the
design concept?
05. How does the letter type support the layout?
06. What makes the design interesting/unique/innovative?
07. What is the strength of the design?
08. What is the weakness of the design?

Design Process: Work on design document from research to final design

week 1: Pre-Production
— Exercise: find 3examples of book/magazine jackets that express the spirit or personality of their contents. Justify your choices.
— Select three writers of short stories or books. Research them. Find other pertinent information about them
— Write an objective statement. Define the purpose and function of the problem, the audience for the books, and the information to be communicated.
— Think outside of the box: brainstorming and sketches

week 2: Production for the cover
— Design three book/Magazine jackets.
— Produce at least 10 sketches.
— Your solutions may be purely typographic or it may include visuals.
— Consider the various ways the series could be tied together: visual (illustrations, graphics, photographs), technique (woodcut, mezzotint, torn paper, xerography), or typography
— Create two sets of roughs

week 3: Production for the pages
— Aim for the best layout with a theme or story
— Define each design element with specifications such as title, sub-title, body, lines, page number/object, colors, or any guidelines you want to apply.

week 4: Presentation

— One Book/Magazine Cover re-designed both front, side, and back
— 2 open page layout redesigned from any sources

Final Submission Requirements
— Upload the final PDF and design document on the course website


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