Grading Breakdown

Your grade will be determined by 6 areas below. Only the outstanding work deserves A with meeting other requirements. Your dedicated effort and design outcomes will earn the grade.

80% Projects (Creative Concept/Development/Execution)
The success of your project is measured by 3 categories. The creative conceptual solutions will show how you resolve the design problems proving the originality of your ideas.The creative devel- opment will present how you explore techniques and technology through various revisions. The creative execution is meeting design specifications with finest neatness and submission on time.

Each Project will have these catagories to measure your success in total 100%:
20% Research Analysis and Sketches
Your research will present what you studied and how you analyzed the information you gathered. Each project should have 2-3 final sketches out of 10-20 preliminary sketches.
25% concept
35 % execution
10% Presentation (1.introduction/overview 2.content 3.organization 5.conclusion)
You will present the final design to the class/clients asserting the success of the art direction.
10% Design Process Book and CD (working and final files)
Record the entire design and development process including project specifications, production plan, creative brief, sketches, revisions, and personal notes. Provide a pocket for the CD.

15% Attendance (0=100, 1=95, 2=90, 3=85, 4=80, 5=75, 6=70, 7/-= 0)
3 late attendances considered as 1 absence. 3 absences without consultation will fail this course. 05% Attitude
Your positive learning attitude enhances your creativity and learning capacity, which is far more important than acquiring skills and knowledge.

5% Learning Attitude 


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