Answering the questions on this worksheet will effectively build the skeleton for the creative brief clarifying the project goals. The information gathered in the process should help us to identify the project goals, art directions, and development process.

Project Title:
Project Manager:
Design Team:
— Art Director
— Designers/ Programmer:Has not been determined yet

Design and Development Process
1.        Defining the project
a.    Understanding the project
b.    Collecting existing materials from the client
c.    Understanding the audience Identifying backend programming needs
d.    Planning for the user testing (focus group)
e.    Setting the budget
f.    Creating schedules/timeline

2.        Developing site structure
a.    Content view: organizing content and content delivery plan
b.    Site view: site mapping
c.    Visual view: user workflow, navigation, naming/labeling

3.        Visual Design and Test
a.    Interface design
b.    Test
c.    Design templates and style guides

4. Production
a.    HTML
b.    Flash
c.    Testing

5.        Launching and Maintenance

6.        Final presentation to the client team and public

1    Project Summary: State general project information, goals, and relevant background information.
1.1 What are the client goals for this prototype design and development?
1.2 What is the basic overview/scope of the project?  Briefly include background information if relevant.
1.3 Please list all of design items has to be done now.
1.4 What is the single purpose can be identified with this prototyping project?
1.5 What are the long-term goals? If it’s relevant.
1.6 List any features that you hope to add to the site now or in the future.

2. Audience Profile
Profile the target audience. Provide enough detail to enhance our understanding of who the audience is. Include some user demographic information. Include occupation, age range, gender, and any other relevant information. Profile more than one if applicable.
2.1 Who is the target audience? User profiles.
2.2 What are the audience technical capabilities? Downloading size, modem speed, and browser compatibility.
2.3 What do these people care about and interested in terms of coming to the site?

3    Perception/Tone/Guidelines
How your target audience should respond to your new product design.

3.1    What does the target audience think and feel about the current website in general?

What do we want them to think and feel with new design?

What adjectives can be used to describe the look and feel of the new site?

What should be perceived by the target audience?

What are some specific visual goals the new site design should convey?

4    Communication Strategy and Focus Group Test
How we will convince the target audience.
4.1    What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? Targeted Message
Provide a couple of single words or phrase that will appropriately describe the new site design.

How will you convey the overall message? How will you measure the success of the prototype?

Who could be in our focus group to give up feedback for the interface and interaction design in the design process?

5    Competitive Positioning
How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make the project a success. Our design team will research on your competitors’ product and package design. It would be helpful to know your industry from the marketing strategy perspectives.
5.1    What are your similar research projects? Provide us any type of their brochures or website. List of URLs of any site you find compelling.

What are the features or interaction of other sites that you would like to develop in the new design?

What areas of the current site design are successful and why?

6    Technology
This will help us to write a technical specification for the site development.
6.1    List any other features that you would like to add to your site, now or in the future.

Is there or will there be login, registration, and/or personalization incorporated?

Will you use a content management system to dynamically update and deploy content?

6.4    What will be the web address (URL) for the prototype and the server access information (FTP)?

7    Communication and more Questions
A process of communication between the design team and the client.

7.1    Who is the contact person/project manager in the client team?
Ron Hawker

Who would be involved in design critiques in our design presentations?

Do you suggest a field trip for the designers to RAK? If yes, when would be good? Please advise if any other efficient ways for the design team would get more information or ideas on design and development of this prototype?

It is critical for us to have a backend programmer for this project. Can we find a programmer for the PHP development for the flexible content management of the site?

7.5    What formats do you want us to provide for the final prototype?


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