Best Poster Design (Alia T)

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Honk Kong Poster

Walking past China Building, a very special construction board outside a shop under refurbishment would definetly attract one’s attention. It is Hutchison Whampoa’s 3 flagship store in Hong Kong. On the construction board, an inviting advertising slogan reads: Take a Closer Look. Through the 3 logo’s on the board, u can see a shining and rotating crystal ball which signifies a colourful and wonderful world of mobile video communications 3 will bring.

iPac Poster

It embraces the look and feel of the product they are advertisising; it’s funky, energetic and modern.

Macy’s Impulse Shoe Department

Macy’s approached Minneapolis-based Wink Incorporated to design and create branding for Impulse, a branded shoe department inside the well-known department store. The area focused on hip, upscale feminine footwear for the mid-20- to early-30-year-old. The overall branding component evolved out of the initial identity—a whimsical word mark that incorporates circular elements from which patterns were easily created. The imagery was applied to walls, tabletops and incorporated into shoe displays. The end result: a 33 percent bump in sales once the designs were implemented.

Scott Thares, designer/illustrator; Richard Boynton/Scott Thares, creative directors.




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This unused proposal for an SVA poster is based on experimentation in legibility by Bruno Munari in the ’50s. In addition to re-creating the words in one’s mind, it can be read in two different ways: “Art is Whatever” as a complete thought with the pieces removed from the letters shown below under a separate heading named “Remains,” or as “Art is whatever remains.”

What is poster to you

1. UNDERSTANDING: Your definition or understanding of ‘poster’ as a communication medium.

Posters do act as a great communication medium coz its usually addressed to a large number of people ‘public’ with their different backgrounds. So posters should help in sending the message easily and clearly once people are watching it as it should be informative and eye catching in the same time.

2. PLANNING: How you want to use the poster medium to send your message. What is your plan?

I Want to use simple yet strong visuals (maybe images or illustrations with typography) that support the concept in order to achieve the goal of sending the message of the poster clearly.

PRACTICE [Hamda Ali]

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Advertising 2005


Raven freelancer / Czech Republic




a poster advertising graduation school ball of Gymnázium Jana Palacha high school, 2005. The pink part is actually a text saying “ples 2005” = “ball 2005”. text bellow is just some stuff about date and organization of ticket-selling.only 3 colors we used pink / black / white with a reputation of text prey.


simple yet has a strong visual affect on the audience its makes stand and stare at the pink type prey=ball. Contrast black and white makes the text pop out.

[Water Advocates print ad]

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Water Advocates print ad

Print Ads, Public Service

Cre8tivision, a communications consultancy in Washington DC, launched this first ad in a campaign for Water Advocates on behalf of the 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean drinking water and the 2.6 billion people without basic sanitation. The distressed graphic approach communicates the depth of the problem while the image conveys that it is a solvable one. The full-page, black-and-white ad, with the tagline, “Clean Drinking Water. It’s The Only Way To Live.” ran in the New York Times.

Barb Dickey art director; Meredith Light, writer; Barb Dickey/Meredith Light, creative directors; Gary White, photographer; ImageTap, Vertis Inc., digital illustration; Myles Marlow, production manager.

[Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens outdoor boards]

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Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens outdoor boards

Out-of-Home Ads, Entertainment

Since opening in 1914 with a single red deer fawn, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has grown to include more than 2,500 rare and exotic animals and plant species. It’s also been recognized nationally for its award-winning exhibitions. The efforts and investments the zoo has made to improve animal upkeep and the zoo-goer experience has resulted in record attendance. In order to help keep the turnstiles turning, local ad agency, The Robin Shepherd Group created a campaign that allows the stars of the show, the animals, to shine.

Mike Barnhart, art director; Mike Guiry, creative director; Joe Hodge, photo retoucher.

[Book World poster campaign]

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Book World poster campaign

Posters, Consumer

Ad agency JWT Dubai created this poster campaign for Book World, a beautiful store off a quaint lane in Dubai, crammed, corner to corner, with rare, old and very old books. Book lovers—loyals and hard-core readers—can’t live without it, but the owners wanted to create new traffic. The campaign was approached from a very simple point of view: to glorify old books and make them look beautiful and desirable.

Husen Baba Khan, art director; D V Hari Krishna, writer; Khuram Sayed, photographer.

[Mothers of Incarcerated Sons posters]

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Mothers of Incarcerated Sons posters

Posters, Public Service

Working with a limited budget, Orlando, Forida-based Patterson/Bach Communications created these posters for Mothers of Incarcerated Sons, a Christian organization that works with incarcerated men and their mothers to help rehabilitate lives. Used to solicit donations and recruit volunteers, the posters are visually jarring while conveying a message of hope and commitment that resonates with a largely Christian audience. With the hope of eventually using them for direct mail and print ads in religious publications, the posters are currently being posted in local churches.

Shawn Dennis/Greg Trippe, art directors; Dan McDonald, writer; stock photography.