[United Nations Millennium Development Goals posters]





United Nations Millennium Development Goals posters

During a seven-week workshop, students from the Art Institute of California, San Diego were asked to create eight posters illustrating the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (initiated in 2000): the eradication of poverty, the achievement of universal primary education, gender equality, the reduction of child mortality, improved maternal health, environmental sustainability, HIV/AIDS prevention and the establishment of a global partnership. Each poster (designed to be displayed 2′ x 3′) represents a separate societal responsibility; to convey the concepts, students chose one representative word and two additional words/images to support and contrast themes. The posters also act as a metaphor for what’s possible when nations work together—when displayed in order of goals one through eight, the first letter of each word in each poster spells the word POSSIBLE. The presentation of the posters coincided with the 58th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations’ Charter. Since that time, they’ve been displayed in San Diego, California and New York.

Jeanette Bonds/Pauline Carrasco/Chris Caviness/Shannon Deaver/David Gonsalves/Erin Hardy/Christie Hemm/Adam Jafry/Erik Johnson/Matthew Lucero/Rich Melcher/Gabriel Meza/Israel Navarro/Jordan Roach/Bryan Wingen, designers; Claire Schneider/Jeff Silva, faculty; United Nations Association of the United States, San Diego Chapter, client.

www.artinstitutes. … www.unasd.org


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