This unused proposal for an SVA poster is based on experimentation in legibility by Bruno Munari in the ’50s. In addition to re-creating the words in one’s mind, it can be read in two different ways: “Art is Whatever” as a complete thought with the pieces removed from the letters shown below under a separate heading named “Remains,” or as “Art is whatever remains.”

What is poster to you

1. UNDERSTANDING: Your definition or understanding of ‘poster’ as a communication medium.

Posters do act as a great communication medium coz its usually addressed to a large number of people ‘public’ with their different backgrounds. So posters should help in sending the message easily and clearly once people are watching it as it should be informative and eye catching in the same time.

2. PLANNING: How you want to use the poster medium to send your message. What is your plan?

I Want to use simple yet strong visuals (maybe images or illustrations with typography) that support the concept in order to achieve the goal of sending the message of the poster clearly.


~ by ruqaya on April 29, 2008.

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