Best Poster Design (Alia T)

Honk Kong Poster

Walking past China Building, a very special construction board outside a shop under refurbishment would definetly attract one’s attention. It is Hutchison Whampoa’s 3 flagship store in Hong Kong. On the construction board, an inviting advertising slogan reads: Take a Closer Look. Through the 3 logo’s on the board, u can see a shining and rotating crystal ball which signifies a colourful and wonderful world of mobile video communications 3 will bring.

iPac Poster

It embraces the look and feel of the product they are advertisising; it’s funky, energetic and modern.

Macy’s Impulse Shoe Department

Macy’s approached Minneapolis-based Wink Incorporated to design and create branding for Impulse, a branded shoe department inside the well-known department store. The area focused on hip, upscale feminine footwear for the mid-20- to early-30-year-old. The overall branding component evolved out of the initial identity—a whimsical word mark that incorporates circular elements from which patterns were easily created. The imagery was applied to walls, tabletops and incorporated into shoe displays. The end result: a 33 percent bump in sales once the designs were implemented.

Scott Thares, designer/illustrator; Richard Boynton/Scott Thares, creative directors.



~ by aliat on April 29, 2008.

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