PRACTICE: AIGA Posters [Shaikha T]

TITLE: Reverb

DESIGN CATEGORY: Corporate communications design, 2006

DESIGN FIRM: Tricycle, Inc. (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

DESCRIPTION: Reverb is an anthology of articles by editors and designers, grown out of the green movement in the interiors industry, curated and designed by Tricycle as an “annual report” of sustainability in 2006. All articles were donated by their authors, as was the design and underscoring the “anthology of the moment” concept

My Comment: I like the way they cut the book into two parts each is been hold by couple of hands. It reflects the designer mind; reflects also the multi design solutions that can be provided for any problem. Reverb as a title name on its own is so powerful.


~ by shaikhaalhattawi on April 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “PRACTICE: AIGA Posters [Shaikha T]”

  1. It’s like the smaller book is *reverberating* off the bigger one…

    Should we post a practice here???

  2. yes u should X3

  3. Okay…

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