Final Video Narratives-(Hind AL Fattan)


Designer: Hind Musabbeh Rashid Al Fattan

1. GD 3 Project B Video Narratives Title: JFEER

2. Story: The summary of this story starts with the means of every people for products that are harmful to theenvironment. I’ve focused on the commercial that started for the 60’s that introduced synthetic materials to our system. In the end we have a hard time illuminating these materials. As we all know, non-biodegradable materials have been polluting our environment in many ways. Then I introduce my raw material that is organic and eco friendly. The palm has been a favorite backyard tree that not only it beautifies our surroundings but I took the leap of introducing this new product. Moreover the ending shows the process of creating bags from palm leaves. Then the title flashes as the ending, leaving the viewers wonder and educated with such issues that is often unnoticed.

3.Targeted Message:
To promote the patronage of biodegradable raw materials versus synthetic materials such as plastics, rubber, synthetic textiles etc.

4. Art Direction: I’ve created a modern flash animation with a juvenile touch of art. The lines are free flowing from sketchy stroke of art with a sense of movement made possible by motion and shape tweening. I’ve used minimal but striking colours making the viewers focused on the subject and not on the other object within the screen. Instead of a voice over on the narration, I made the art more visual by allowing the viewers to read captions that are also tweened as the line on every phrase changes. The music I selected is a bozza jazz selection of which is commonly played in jazz houses, leaving a soothing feeling to the listener yet strong emotions are delivered with every change of drumbeat and tempo.

5. Youtube URL:


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