Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts [Asma]

My Book: Pop Art by Marco Livingstone

Art Direction: the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Pop Art is Andy Warhol, who is famous for his silk-screen printing of coca-cola bottles, Marilyn Monroe and his Cambell’s soup, another other artist that comes to mind is Roy Lichtenstein, who is famous for his comic portraiture. The concept behind this book cover is that I would like to use a common product that is used by everyone nowadays which is Tabsco and give it a Andy Warhol look and feel. The reason I choose this is because the subtitle of the book is “a continuing history” and I have interpreted it in a way that this art movement is still being done to this present day. So why not merge the idea of a famous product and give it an edge to it. I didn’t want to use images of any famous artist since there are no limits to pop art and this is a modern book. Moreover, I used the style of Andy Warhol because I wanted the cover to speak for itself. As I’m working on the back of the book, I wanted to create a Roy Lichtenstein background and add a brief summary of the book, as it is included on the first page of the book and in my opinion a person who would be interested in the book would like to read information about the book instead of having only images in the background. Or I would have an image of britney spears since is a a very famous face and have her drawn as Roy Lichtenstein and draw a comic strip and write of her famous quote “wanna piece of me”. I might have to go back and polish out the colors of pop art.

Keywords: colorful, simple, fun, self-explanatory, to the point.




~ by swaimz on February 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts [Asma]”

  1. I like how you are using the tabasco bottle, that almost everybody can relate to esp here lol gives it another cultural view than the usual andy warhol designs. I think the second one (yellow) works better and make it pops out more, keep it up ^^

  2. The second typeface you used – the Stencil one – is more suitable simply because it has a “consumer” feeling (you see this typeface on boxes etc etc) and pop art is all about consumerism and *popular* culture and objects so go for the second typeface but change it for the author name
    that’s my opinion

  3. I feel that the image is too dark (too much black floating around).. i kind of feel it being overloaded as well. Maybe if you could focus on lighter colors for the tiltle it will help it pop-out and give it a hierarchy… good luck

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