Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts [Shaikha M]








Art Direction:

Through the design i wanted to show how the society is consumed by the TV and how it has a huge effect on them. Audience are teenagers and adults (people who are drawn to the TV whirlpool).

Comments are appreciated 🙂 Thanks!





~ by shaikhamohamed on February 23, 2008.

9 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts [Shaikha M]”

  1. oww.. very interesting visual finishing 😀 am really impressed Shaikha.. strong and simple.. the contrast between colors are also clear.. i also loved the silhouette figures instead of real ones.. made your theme even stronger..
    hmm.. try different types of fonts.. and though the simplicity of your design suits the book issue.. try other directions if possible 🙂

    you did a GREAT JOB 😀

  2. Thanks Alanood ^ ^ i’ll take that in consideration.

  3. good job shaikha 😉

    I liked the simplicity and clearness of the theme. The contrast in colors pops out the different gestures and gives the theme a sence of movement.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  4. Why orange?
    the background *must* be white for a better contrast with the tv set

    Your design is nicely composed. It just needs a bigger contrast because I barely see the tv (I mean I don’t see it right away and it’s your focal point)

    The magazine pages are lovely. but you see there’s an awkward space in the title of the article formed by the word ‘enough’. get rid of it

  5. Wow, progressing your project on time. You Rock! Shaikha M!
    1. Surreal position of TV is great.
    2. A perspective and positions of the falling people should be reconsidered. Either start big or small from the sky. It will provide an interesting and dynamic layout along with the typography of the title.
    3. The bottom of TV shouldn’t be emphasized by the color.
    4. You can break into the side space with a image from the front. TV can start from the side bar. The people could be swimming/floating in and out of the back and front space.
    5. Work on the typography with TV and Society respectively depicting the interesting relationship that are happening in the visual.
    6. The back is not integrated with the front yet. I’m sure you’re working on it now.
    7. More to talk about in the class.


  6. SaraZ: Thanks dear for the supportive comments!

    Lailali: Thanks dear glad you liked it ^ ^

    Miss yunsun: i’ll work on the cover layout and try to fix what you pointed out inshaallah 🙂 glad that you liked it so far, thanks!

  7. WOW, i Love the images … nice .. very nice work. I just think you should work on the layout especially the title..

    Great job

  8. honestly tell me doesn’t the tv set against the white background look better? lovely Shaikha

    I don’t like the typeface of the author name (maybe that’s what Nasma meant :p)

  9. Thanks Nasma and Sara i’ll reconsider the typeface inshaallah and yes sara it looks much better =p thanks!

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