Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 2-Book Cover [Hamda]

changed my book.


draft 2





~ by hamdazu on February 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 2-Book Cover [Hamda]”

  1. you always change your chosen theme quick 😀 lol .. though i really liked your idea about the flipped lips.. different direction as you said.

    hmm, a scream usually reflects fear and i think its a good choice of a child to represent fear because they intend to show it strongly without lies. and the idea of wiping out her mouth could be visualized also as silence but you could work more on that. am not sure about the typeface though.. =x

    great job in total 😀 keep it up .. btw :p you chose an opposite of two words again.. such a coincidence x3

  2. i like the idea of not showing the mouth mm but maybe if the girl’s eyes is shut or something that shows the suppression of emotion (the scream), it would show better i think, but the idea is nice 🙂

  3. i liked the idea of having a child to represent your theme, but the girl looks scary rather than scared.. she’s not showing any fear!! but having a white background with a strong image would help… i agree with Al Anood concernig the typeface, you need to figure it out.. good luck 😉

    (btw, i liked the way you managed to redesign both books.. clever solution ^_^)

  4. You see how the original book cover shows fear? try showing fear. It’s obviously a horror novel 9a7?
    good luck sweeta 🙂

  5. beautiful but blue doesn’t symbolize fear to me
    use grim colors 😮

  6. 1. You achieve one thing and lost one other from the original: the depth of the visual expression.
    2. The girl’s appearance is not focused on her face because of her long beautiful hair, and thick, which you don’t want to emphasize.
    3. You might want to crop her face to smaller concentrate in an area that you want to focus on.
    4. Open up the head above. Don’t block her thought process since she CAN’T TALK. Now you can give her real SILENT SCREAM.
    5. You also can position the title on her face. I think you would know where.The words replaces the image. See you got it: The MOUSE!!!

    Have fun!

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