ProjectA Re-disign Book cover/ Maisoon

Book1 : ” When Am I Going To Be Happy”

> it is an emotional bad habits book .. and it talks about how tho get happy and how the habits affect at people .

> the Author is Penelope Russianoff

> i didnt like the cover of the book … i think the font was too big and the the colors of the text didnt serve the book too much.



Book2 : ” Eat This Not That”

> it is an advice book . it advice you what to eat and what is the healthy food ..

> the Author is David Zinczenko, he is the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine and the author of numerous books centered around the Abs Diet.

> i thought the cover of this book was too busy,,, it needs to be more simple.


B ook3: “the Thing about Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead”


> it is written by David Shields.

> it is one of the best seller in amazoon ,,

> i love the cover page of the book ,, and i think it help the author to send the message he wants the audience to receive .




~ by maisoon on February 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “ProjectA Re-disign Book cover/ Maisoon”

  1. Maisoon write your name in the title 😀

  2. ooh ,,, ok,,, is it the images shown???

  3. No

  4. Where is the final PDF? yun*

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