Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Asma]


The t-shirt a collection of 500

What is the story?
 The book talks about the history of T-shirt and it many forms. During the 17th workers downloading tea boxes from boats in the harbor of Annapolis in the US wore short sleeve shirt that through time it was called T-shirt.  It also talked about the evolution of t-shirts. The T-shirt, in its simplest form, makes a statement such a political, artistic, or humorous, it also displays a message that reflects the ideals of the wearer. T-shirts are one of the world’s most creative forms of graphic message and personal statement. It also provides a catalogue of 500 designs for people who want design t-shirts.

What are the strengths? The design and the layout of the page cover is self-explanatory. We can notice there is a theme going on both side. Basically, they are repeating the same colors on both the back and front cover but only changing the placement. The front cover shows signage that we find in all of our clothes, what I mean the small tags, which tell us how to wash our clothes. The back cover gives a brief explanation of what the book is about.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
I honestly do not find any weaknesses with the book, the first time I saw it, it caught my attention and made me want to look at what’s inside. The design of the book is simple and to the point.


Hand to Eye: Contemporary Illustration

What is the story? 
This book reflects these diverse approaches to image making,  it shows that cutting-edge computer illustration is still blooming and continues to push boundaries, through photorealism, to handcrafted aesthetic or visuals. Most of the works in the book are detailed, brightly colored collages to simple, or single-color sketches.

What are the strengths?I like the concept of simple in the front covert how they have variations of lines and different types sizes.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved? 
I think the cover could have been thought out more by introducing vector art. I really don’t like the back of the cover because it feels like the designer just wanted to cover space without having a reason to do so. It would be interesting if they introduced hand illustration as well as digital work.


Banksy: Wall and Piece

What is the story? 
Banksy is a street artist, whom has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world. Not only did he smuggle his pieces into four of New York City’s major art museums, he’s also “hung” his work at London’s Tate Gallery Till this day his identity remains unknown, but his work is really unique and kind of political.

What are the strengths?  The photo used is very strong as it exemplifies one of Banksy’s graffiti.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved? 
I really don’t see any weakness in the book.




    ~ by swaimz on February 21, 2008.

    3 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Asma]”

    1. The weakness in the last book is the text treatment. It could’ve been done in a street art kind of way even
      thanks for sharing

    2. Thanks Sara for the comment… wallah im swamped with work.. trying to catch up with all the work i missed… I guess your right aboutt the last book that would be an idea, but don’t u think it’s a bit to much??? Because I believe that every art work should have a forground and a background and if we do that it would look so busy…

    3. I like the books you chose, each has its own simple way of conveying the content inside, my favorite is the first one it is very self-explanatory as you said. The second is also good yet as you said could have been explored in a more interesting way. The third i think is good even with the font it has, the image is strong and it might be busy with another kind of text treatment maybe. anyway

      hope things go smoothly since u had alot to catch up ^ ^ keep it up!

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