Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1-Book Cover [ALIA M]

Concept : thinking green

Things i want to fix more : the difference of sharpness/quality between the tree and the head, as well as making the head to look more high resolution.

any other suggestions?



~ by Alia malik on February 21, 2008.

8 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1-Book Cover [ALIA M]”

  1. Lovely lovely manipulation. What’s wrong with the resolution? I think it’s fine. good luck
    Please come to my Posts and comment !

  2. Beautifully done.. Any idea where you’ll place the title and other texts..

  3. By the way, try smoothing the figure’s face. It’s a bit rocky lol
    and with that, I don’t think you need a high res

  4. I like the concept and how you illustrated it looks very neat ^ ^ keep it up!

  5. Nice idea.. But work more om the composition.
    it needs some balance ,,i mean the relationship between the man’s head and the tree,,

  6. so neat mashalla, i like the perspective ! he’s lookin up is positive
    would like to see it with the title n everything, Goodluck =)

  7. Juxtaposition and contrast are beautifully done! What is the title by the way? If the title is thinking green, it’ll work quite well. However you might need to consider playing with other trees with fuller leaves maybe. It will create a different emotion about the image. What are you exactly trying to say? The root is indicating/suggesting a fragile state of human mind of sustaining green to me. Clarification needed. yun*

  8. lovely.. if the title goes with your finishing it will be so great.. balance, bits of contrast should be in consideration. and.. maybe cropping to fix the balance..

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