the first draft of the book re-design( shoroq)


i redesigned the front cover page of the story path with heart .. and this is my first draft . i hope you guyes will give me a feed back for my work ..and ya ( MS, younsun i reallu need youre feedback).


~ by shorooq on February 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “the first draft of the book re-design( shoroq)”

  1. Shoroq, beautiful, but for the project’s sake I think you should manipulate more in the photo

    come to my post and comment 😛

  2. I liked your idea, specially the pointing finger; it directs the eye to the title.. but I think you may want to consider the alignment of the text and the white space.. Think of the grid system..

    Good Luck

  3. i like the idea of the sky and how you showed the path of heart, although I agree with lailaali about the text ^^ looking forward to the final edit!

  4. shoroq i like the picture that you used:) try aliging the text title with the image .

  5. 1. The illustration captures the message beautifully.

    2. You might want to open up the illustration using the entire page instead of constraining in a box.

    3. The typography can be a bit freer. It’s very serious now. Have some fun : )


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