Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 2-Book Cover [Sara Z]

draft 1:

draft 2:

back cover:


~ by saraz on February 20, 2008.

10 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 2-Book Cover [Sara Z]”

  1. i like the 1st try adding patterns to it the colorz are beautiful and last one *green* lol … but i wish you can make the size of the writer bigger one

  2. Great effort sara.. I love the blue one with the bits from the newspaper.. The only comment about it is that if you can cut the words more, esp. income, because I think that it’s competing with the title.. Another thing is that if you can position TASCHEN a little higher, because I feel it’s very close to the edge.. One last thing, if you can add another part with pieces of photoes just the way you did with the type.. Then, I think that you would cover everything: Type, texture, color and Photo..

    Otherwise, I like your work :o)

  3. Hamda, hey sweeta, thanks for the comment. So nice of you to post today. Good luck today in your family event 😀

    Laila dear, me too, I love the third one ,but I put all those other ones just in case it was only me who liked it 😛 thank you for the comment. I’ll take it into consideration

  4. NICE WORK sara.. I really like the layout and how you tried to merge a texture and images. But it would be nice if you added another images as Laila said, because there is tooo much blue.

  5. playing with many textures is a great idea yet i agree with asma and laila about the “bluness”, maybe if you tried combining different colors or textures in a simple way. I like the way you are exploring it so far ^^ draft 2 already you are always ahead which is good mashaallah
    keep it up.

  6. thanks Asma

    thanks shaikha, yes, I’m ahead because the deadline is only 4 days away

  7. indeed XD to me at least LOL

  8. i luvvvv the one with the ladddy:D

  9. i guess th girls said what i wanted to say.. it really suits the title.. but just with a bit changes in color balance.. well done

  10. Color balance? No, I like it intense and saturated like that 😀 that’s my whole direction
    thanks sweeta

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