Project A : Research Book/Magazine Re-Design :: Aliaah ::


:: Your book or magazine ::
The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity By Julia Cameron

:: Audience ::
Adults, specially people whose interested in art and creativity. ( Students and Artists )

:: Book Concept ::
There are a number of ways to use this book. Most of all, This Book offers a sort of road map through the process, with some specific ideas about how to proceed. Some students have done the course solo; others have found circles to work through the book together. No matter which way you choose, The Artist’s Way will work for you.

:: Art Direction ::

The cover’s photo looks weak according to the title, it’s not interesting enough to attract the audience. the title here is very strong than the image therefore, am planning to emphasize the cover page by the photo more than the title so that it can standout and help the audience to get what the book is about by just looking at the cover.

:: Keywords ::

creativity/ dreams/ direction/ ways/ ability/ energy/ confidence

:: Photoshop techniques ::
Photos manipulation and combination, using filters, and masks.


~ by aliaah on February 19, 2008.

One Response to “Project A : Research Book/Magazine Re-Design :: Aliaah ::”

  1. What kind of photos do you want to use it? And why and how? Try to explain these questions, which will help you to form your art direction with an interesting concept, which I would say, Wow! yun*

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