Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Hamda Ali]

*Your book or magazine:
Against Happiness : In Praise of Melancholy

*Audience :
Adult men and women.

*Art Direction:
am thinking of having a strong visual image by having a lady picture smiling and add stiches to her mouth since the book title is against happiness .. i also had another idea is to paste a person face in a cirle and the red slash .

happy / against / stiches / contarst

*Photoshop techniques:
play with the lady face smudge make her face clear and fresh by using blur and sharpening some parts then go to the mouth and add stiches to it by using stitches brushes on her mouth  


~ by hamdazu on February 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Hamda Ali]”

  1. I like the 1st concept.. Hamda..

  2. I guess that the book is about being content without being just happy all the time, which is not possible in the real world. So I would think further with your stitch idea projecting a whatever-melancholy state of being, which is quite philosophical. I think it’s quite a cool concept at a first glance. yun*

  3. visualize it with Photoshop and see if it works….good luck.

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