Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1 (cover,layout) [ Shaikha.T ]





Plz comments and suggestions are needed…


I really need any help you can offer to improve it,

or else i might change the whole idea at the very last minute ><

–Thank You !










~ by shaikhaalhattawi on February 19, 2008.

12 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1 (cover,layout) [ Shaikha.T ]”

  1. The resolutions is too low to see the details. But I’ll try. I like the space you’re creating visual space opens up to a mysterious path can occur. However the insect should be a bit separated from the book,which might lead to a way to work with typography of Tales of Mystery. The font isn’t quite there yet. Something can be connected to a part of the insect body might be creepy and fun : ) You just started, right? yun*

  2. I like the look and feel of the book “mystery” ^ ^ also like the bug coming out of the book idea, keep it up!

  3. Shaikha, nice compoaition, but I didn’t see the insect right away. I mean it wasn’t very clear. But what’s the purpose of it?
    I think it would be nice if the colors were even darker (dark = mystery , suspsnse, gothic romance, Poe, etc etc)
    try using a picture of a haunted place or a deserted house or a window at night or any image from Poe’s stories

  4. the texture feel is nice. but am not sure about the bug maybe you can try some dark coming out of the book

    good luck

  5. thank you fellows for your comments,, i tried workin on it but every time i do something, i worsen it >< .. but I’ll keep trying, we’re learning
    if all my tryin didnt work, i might change the idea of the bug,

  6. The second design looks very neat and simple, i like the composition , am kinda not sure about the space in paragraph though =x yet if i look at it, it kinda goes with the tilt of the line and title that you made somehow, anyway

    keep it up ^ ^

  7. about the new design: try making the image a bit smaller to give the title a space, because i think it is kinda blocking now/ not in the right place.

    Page layout: simple and clean.. though try to adjust the paragraphs in the second page. ( the first column )


  8. I LOVE the scary new design >< it fits the book content pretty well and gives a feeling of mystery way to go!!

  9. your 2nd draft is muuuch better.. kind of an indirect vision to what is mystery.. unless you read the author’s direction..

    i’ll agree with the girls regarding the paragraph in page layout.. try lil bit of adjusts and see 🙂

  10. Book: Go back to original concept!
    1. Play with ‘Two-gather’: depicting the core content of the article in the title.
    2. Look and Feel: the content is about a relation between baby and mom. So gentle, soft, nurturing. etc. You must carry the feelings of the content. Currently the look and feel is quite official and constraint. Maybe no square photos.
    3. No black text.. rather pastel colors.
    4. Capture the sensitivities that moms are struggling through their patenting.
    5. 2 people are inseparable, yet has to be separated at night…. 2 pages with respectively portraying each one, then in the middle some photos or text areas can emphasize the togetherness…


  11. much better! way to go 😉

  12. Shaikha wow scary skull, nice manipulation! But if you’re going to use it , change the typeface. the typeface is too “sweet” for the skull.

    About the layout: Ms Yunsun is right about black text. It’s too harsh and in my opinion I feel the page on the right is slightly empty
    maybe the text size is too big? maybe the paragraph is too wide? don’t know
    it needs more unity
    good luck

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