Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts- Book Cover + Pages layout [ Sara Jassim ]

 Click on the images for a better view =)

Pages Layout: Draft# 2


Book Cover: Draft# 3


Pages Layout:
Original Design:

Draft# 1


Book Cover: Draft# 2

** Tried to add some colors: the colors that are usually used in most of the climate maps Red, Green, and yellow.

** Added climate indicators such as longitude, temperature, and wind.

** Changed the typeface..


Book Cover: Draft#1

Help me improve it =)

Front, Side, and Back Covers.

The 2 white lines in the middle are just to show you where do the front & back covers end. it won’t be in the final design

One last thing lol, the background has a texture of sand/recycled papers though it is not shown in this small size version >_<


Original Book Cover:

Book Title: AL-Manak. [ The Climate ]

Book Description:
The book offers detailed analysis of the history, culture and architecture of The Gulf region and discusses the implications of the rapid development of these territories for the rest of the world. It contains many essays and interviews by numerous architects, intellectuals and developers as well as a large number of illustrations and photographs that accompany the case-study. The book is divided into 3 sections: Dubai Guide – Gulf Survey – Global Agenda.

Audience: Developers, Architects, Tourists.

Art Direction [ the concept ]:
basically my idea is to create similar visuals as the original cover, yet in a more organized & clear way. my intention is to make it more organized yet illustrates/translates the contents of the book as well. Also, to make it looks more friendly and at the same time sophisticated, first to grab people’s attention and second to illustrate the serious issues that the book provides.

Keywords: Development, Projects Plans, Urbanization.

Photoshop Techniques: Image adjustments and layerings.


~ by sara.jassim on February 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Drafts- Book Cover + Pages layout [ Sara Jassim ]”

  1. 1. What do you want to reflect with this image? Can you identify the specific message again?

    2. The climate indicators such as longitude or temperature sign could play a role in the scene.

    3. The look and feel could take a completely different approach if you want to convey a message on either the development with vision or the nostalgia with reflection as an example.


  2. i like the look and feel also the recycled paper you used, waiting for the final version, keep it up ^ ^

  3. Sara J, really really nice. Make it more local though
    put the uae’s map for example (yeah ok, it’s a bit cliche :p)

    even though the original cover was too much, it felt UAE-ish. I guess it was the colors.

  4. i think it needs more colors.. you can use colors related to monkah blue , green etcc. all the best:)

  5. Mrs. Yunsun: i am trying to depict the growth of Dubai through the the picture of its projects plans. Also, i want to illustrate the idea of visitors/ foreigners by adding the pictures of the airports’ stamps since the book contains some views of foreign developers/ designers and architects. regarding point #2 , I’ve added the longitude sign to the design yet its not shown in this small version of it.

    and sorry, i didnt understand what you’re trying to say in point #3.. you mean i can choose completely different visuals to convey the msg of development?

    Shaikha-Mohamed: thank you 😛

    Sara-Z: UAE map is in the design, though i used half of it, just the part where dubai is. and i’ll to add some colors and see the result. thanks a lot sis for your comment..

    Hamda: will try to add some colors ^_^
    thank you

  6. I think the second version with colors indicators seems more related to climate now and it gives a different mood to the whole look and feel, reflecting on the constant development, and also combining between old and modernity in many aspects such as
    (history, culture and architecture) ^ ^ keep it up!

  7. Layout
    1. Fix the margins.
    2. Left: need some breathing rooms with a photo or illustration, typography… etc.

    1. Title: typography and the colors
    2. Personal touch: hand writings
    3. Abstract on the back
    4. Tone down a bit without using 100 black.
    5. Incorporating actual curved lines on the map


  8. Yeah I was just going to say the margins are a bit too tiny. It’s a magazine (usually people read magazines for fun so don’t make it “full of text” know what I mean?). Leo is looking good LOL

    lovely work

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