Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1-Book Cover [Nasma]

Hi again,

please I need your comments please.

this is my second draft

the city image looks old because the story was in 1950s


Hi, This is my first draft for the novel (freedom apartment).

btw (I edited my art direction) so you can have an idea about my design concept.


: )


~ by nasmaahli on February 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Draft 1-Book Cover [Nasma]”

  1. I think the picture you chose to reflect the Gulf identity & Egypt suits your art direction and what you are trying to show on the cover. Though placing the image in the center of the cover is so typical for Arabic books. We’ve seen many books that have similar structure/ composition.

  2. Yes, I think you are right. To be honest I didn’t plan to put the images in the middle, actually I don’t want that. but because I couldn’t find an image for what I want especially for Egypt, I minimized the other images. I have to solve this problem. Thanx for your comment Sara. It helps 🙂

  3. Techniques can be improved eventually, but the core concept is not portrayed yet. I’m not getting the message… Why and how?? Why are you using the background like this for example? How are you going to capture your core idea of art direction? I know you’re working now : ) yun*

  4. Nasma how about you enlarge the image, do a bigger manipulation? Egypt doesn’t show much I feel. love love love this font. don’t change it.

  5. i like the texture on the background but what about find a different pic mabybe a balcony and then blending the texture with it

    nasma good luck

  6. I added my 2nd draft after considering your comments, thanks all

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