Draft 1 of Project A: Book/Magazine Cover [Laila Ali]

draft1.png   This is my 1st draft of the book cover.. It’s not done yet and I know I have to improve some areas.. However, I’ll be grateful if you can provide me with feedbacks.. All comments are welcomed..  Mrs Yun*.. My art direction has been edited.. I hope this is what you mean :o)  


~ by lailaali on February 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “Draft 1 of Project A: Book/Magazine Cover [Laila Ali]”

  1. Mashallah , i realy loved the idea !! its realy creative and i like the “collage”.. keep it up !

  2. As I mentioned to you in the class, I expect to see how you are going to differentiate the unique story of the Prophet from a general visual message you have created beautifully. Think of the chronological path with His Teaching principles , which kids can understand easily. Have fun. yun*

  3. Laila, beautiful. increase the weight of the text

  4. interesting apporach ..try increasing the name of the writer and take it a bit to the left .. and try making the name of the book in english same as the arabic one

    wish u the best!

  5. sweeeeeeet 😀 very attractive and clear reflection.. my only concern is the type though ^.^

  6. I so like the collage idea very cute =D

    keep up the good work ^ ^

  7. 1. Give some color treatments for the mountains to achieve the depth. Make them smaller and lighter.
    2. Title might be better with a kids’ handwriting.
    3. Chronological View: Key words on the cover following the journey such as Meca, Cave, Living on the Dessert, etc. The words should be descriptive. Very subtle and simple to read and be able to associate with the images.
    4. Camels could have kids’ friendly colors.


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