Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Production Plan [Laila Ali]

Prophet’s Biography for Kids (Al Seera Al Nabaweeya lel Atfal)
dsc00509.png                                  dsc00510.png
The book describes Prophet Mohammed’s  (PBUH) life from his birth until his death. The biography is divided chronologically into stories and incidents, in order to keep the targeted kids (aged 6-12 year) attracted and not to divide their attention. The book cover does not reflect the spirit of the book or attract the target group; it is busy, unattractive, scary and most importantly irrelevant to the content.
 Art Direction:
Images and elements from the Islamic culture as well as Prophet’s life are going to be composed in a collage to create a visually attracting cover. Traditional cut and paste style with colored/textured papers is going to be included as well to capture the eye of targeted audience. I will use different papers/cardboards and scan them. The collage will help me to approach my concept, which is to show bits and pieces from Prophet’s life, i.e. places he went/lived, events happened, &/or Islamic duties introduced by him, all in chronological order.
Religious, Narrative, Interesting, Unusual, Educating…
Photoshop Techniques:
Masking and Cutting, Color Adjustments, Clipping Mask and Smart Object are the main approaches, but others may develop along the way according to the needs :o)


~ by lailaali on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Production Plan [Laila Ali]”

  1. Would you explain how and why do you want to use the style and collage the images? What is the purpose of doing it? That would be the key to your art direction.

  2. great choice Laila ..

    its a “Terrible” design for children … if we want them to read it ,, they will not… because of that cover design …

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