Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Production Plan [ Alia Khalid ]


Book Title: need to know? Body Language

Book Description:

What does the gesture we use mean? how you can interpret what a person is really thinking about when they are talking to you? how you can become a better communicator? communication is a process in which two people influence each other through giving and receiving information. one of the channels we use to communicate is speech. However, we can still communicate through body language. this book provides us with clues to understand the eyes, face, head, hand, arms, legs…. etc languages.
Audience: Psychologist and adults who are keen on body language.

Art Direction [ the concept ]: trying to reflect the secret language of body gestures and postures that reveal what we really think and mean in more attractive, interesting, strong, powerful and dynamic way.. more than the original cover.

Keywords: Body parts, gesture, expression, conversation, visual emotions.

Photoshop Techniques: Photomanipulation, adjustment, filtering. ..(( Babar’s Techniques ))…


~ by aliakhalid on February 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Re-Design: Production Plan [ Alia Khalid ]”

  1. The content is exciting and lot’s of fun for you to explore. How are you going to reflect the secrets? That is your art direction, which is missing. yun*

  2. Please change the categories to Project A. Thanks! yun*

  3. hi Alia,
    i like your book consept, i want to read it after you’r done with it plz .. thanx 🙂

  4. Actually , am not trying to reflect ” Secret ” since it is a visual not hidden language.. i am trying to reflect the Power of this visual language… emmm I’ll think more about it !!

    Alia S.. >> Sure..Its is an interesting Book 🙂 u gona like it !

  5. Don’t forget to write how you’re going to reflect! That’s what I need to know. Your creative message should be coming from the ‘how’ or ‘why’ parts of the brainstorming. yun*

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