Project A: Book/Magazine Cover and Page Layout Re-Design Deadline

Hi there,

I’ll be posting some announcements to remind you of the deadlines, submission specifications & requirements for the the course projects through out the semester..

Project A: Book/Magazine Cover and Page Layout Re-Design:

1- Deadline: Tuesday February 26th by 8am. We’ll behaving presentation and critique sessions from 8-12 noon

2- Submission specifications:
– One Book/Magazine Cover re-designed both front, side, and back [ add the original design with yours ]

– Two open page layout redesigned from any sources. [ add the original design with yours ]

3- Submission requirement: Upload the final PDF and design document on the course website.
The Final PDF: Since you only produce a digital version of the project, the page should be following:
— A4 Landscape
— 5 pages
—– 1: brief intro including your name, course, project title, instructor, your research and design direction
—– 2: original cover
—– 3: redesigned cover
—– 4: original 2 page layout
—– 5: redesigned 2 page layout

Your posting must have followings:
— Title: Final Project A [your name]
— PDF should be compressed less than 1 MB
— Categories: Projects/Project A

— Tag: Your name and any other info about your project

* Please go to Project A’s page for more details.

Good Luck everyone and enjoy your weekend 😉



~ by sara.jassim on February 13, 2008.

11 Responses to “Project A: Book/Magazine Cover and Page Layout Re-Design Deadline”

  1. thanks for reminding us sara ^^

  2. thank u n,n

  3. Great work, Sara! I believe students will pay attention to your announcements from now on.

    I have decided that we won’t use any paper this time. So we are not going to use the A2 foamboard.

    Notice that I have edited some specifications in orange. It’s an open-source way of communicating building or clarifying things together.

    Let me hear any other questions or suggestions.

  4. I can’t come at 8 am.

  5. Yeah! thanks for reminding us! and for the details as well!

  6. You would come when your class is. But everyone is welcome anytime : )

  7. Thanks 🙂

  8. Thanks Sara 😉

  9. Thanks sara =)

  10. Thank You Sara for reminding us …

  11. thanks sara ..always write in these bright colors so we can easily find the post:D

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