Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Laila Ali]

CD-art: Innovation in packaging design

1. What is the story?
The book cover conveys the modern feel and INNOVATION through the use of art deco geometrical style and strong colors.

2. What are the strengths?
The round curvy typeface used for the main title as well as the simple yet eye catching circular shapes reflects the main book content/subject, which is CD. The Magenta used for the title on a yellow base cover draws the eye to the title first, then the eye moves between the illustration on top left corner to the well-known red tagged publisher name on the bottom right causing the eyes to scan through the front cover, creating dynamic and movement, which are also involved in the process of innovation.
There is a clear hierarchy of information.

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?
Some could think that the back cover is exaggerated with the shapes and contrast between the vibrant yellow and settled white; however, I think that it complete the front cover energy and using a smaller font size for the title as well as a simple clean san serif for the book overview have helped too in maintaining the hierarchy.

The Art Book

1. What is the story?
The front and back covers of the book show that the content will refer to visual art and its different materials, approaches, styles, and development over time, simply through the hand drawn collage like book title.

2. What are the strengths?
The book title fulfills two jobs, being a title and a visual. Using an elements from most common styles and/or approached to create the character of the typeface was a smart move. We can see hand made lines, paints, paper cuts, to printed materials and stencils. Furthermore, it combines a harmonious contrast between organic and geometric, hand made and machine produced. Therefore, the kerning problems between the characters that occur in most cases with the justified alignment were not an issue with this title.

Using the white color for the background allowed the title to pup out and call for the viewer’s attention.

3.What art the weaknesses? What can be improved?
The publisher name is quite big if compared to the actual hand size book, but I guess for such a well-known publisher and editor house, it might be a reason for many people behind buying the book.

Computer Art Projects Magazine

1. What is the story?
The February issue of CA Projects discusses branding and logo design, which is clearly demonstrated in its cover that uses building’s billboards to exhibit the content of this issue.

2.What are the strengths?
The title is well incorporated in the cover’s visual. Using a night shot to emphasize the power of bright billboards in branding as well as showing the title of this month’s issue. The perspective also pulls the viewer into the cover.

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?
There aren’t any sub titles or hot article titles on the cover, which some people may argue that they won’t find the magazine useful from its cover unless they flip over its pages. But, I think that clean and simplicity have worked for them and, as a design magazine, their visual is stronger than 100 words.


~ by lailaali on February 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Laila Ali]”

  1. Laila great choice. Here’s a picture of the last magazine you commented about (
    I think the title of the magazine seems tiny in relation with the visuals.

  2. Thanks Sara.. :o)

    But the actual magazine is only the square part with the visual.. The white bar on top does not exist in the printed copies.. Actually, I had my copy with me in today’s class and I can bring it to tomorrow’s class too if you want to look at..

  3. I like the fact that the visual support the content,also titles of the books you chose, such as in the CD curve and the second book’s different styles shown in the letters, represent the inside contents. keep it up ^ ^

  4. your explanations are very efficient and quite observing. and I agree with Shaikha regarding the fact of having strong visual support in order to make the content clear to the viewer. not all of us are designers 😉 but all have their own artistic eyes..

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