ProjectA: Research best book/magazine cover design (Meera Alserkal)

First Book:
The Monsters Of Templeton:

The strength:
The contrast is strong. The design of the tree is meaningful, since the novel’s title says “of templeton” therefor it is a specific place
that these people maybe gathering or living there.
The weekness:
The design on the cover does not go with the name or the title of the book. Meaning no monster related in the design.
plus, the red color makes no sense.

Second magazine:
The Atlantic:

The strength:
the creativity of using all the photos on the back that are strongly related on the main photo,
the photos of all the presedents and with a large photo of Obama in the middle.

The weakness:
not a strong contrast.

Third book:
Testing Kate:

the strength:
the image goes with the title, sinse people  use books for taking tests, or that  she is walking on the books which is
a way ofg testing her if she will fall

The weakness:
the font and the back ground do not have a good contrast


~ by MeeraAlserkal on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “ProjectA: Research best book/magazine cover design (Meera Alserkal)”

  1. the 1st book has inetesring design yet the little leaves around bothers me .. and yeah there is no relation between the cover and naming.

    the 2nd one is creative with all means except for the text color and sizes

  2. Meera
    the magazine you posted attracts people easily simply because we see Obama’s face on the cover (just what Ms Yunsun said today. You put an influential figure on the cover and everyone’s attracted to the magazine)

    I really love the first book. However I wish the title could blend more with the illustration. I don’t know the story of this book but looking at the title and illustration, it seems like a social story about greed and reputation and wealth and class. If I was wrong, then the visuals weren’t enough

    thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you guyz for your comments.
    i think after reading what is inside the book, it will make more sence to know if the cover is related to the title in a way!!

    thanks again.

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