Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Shaikha.M]


What is the story?
The cover is capturing a glimpse of humanity by featuring people from different nationalities around the world, with different living circumstances.

What are the strengths?
The simplicity of the cover, space is wisely designed where the negative space dominates over the book giving a feeling of openness that relates to the unlimited world and differences in people lives. Also the font used is very simple and neat and goes well with the overall look and feel. Furthermore, I like how images used show spontaneity; I think they are very affective and strong.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
I think it is good enough and has a wise design arrangement.


What is the story?
The image of the earth inside a computer screen refers to the globe communication and the variety of information that this journalism book covers.

What are the strengths?
The image used is very strong I think, it shows the power of communication especially Internet and how easily it can bring the world together and spread knowledge among people throughout the world. I think the font used support the look and feel.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
There are some unnecessary elements I think such as the lines around title and subtitles, it distracts the viewer and takes away from the main theme. I think if they kept it without lines, would be simpler and much better.


What is the story?
The cover implies the main idea that it involves a book the open book image refers to the content inside. The look and feel of the book is classical and old, and the viewer would most likely predict that it’s about something historical.

What are the strengths?
The simplicity of the cover, the old look and feel (dark brown). The Serif used is suitable to the classical look and feel of the book.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
The image of the book used is pixilated, would be better if they used a good quality picture.


~ by shaikhamohamed on February 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Shaikha.M]”

  1. I agree with you Shaikha. The visual in the 2nd book is interesting in the way its elements have been composed. The clean san serif is helping a alot.

  2. Thanks Laila ^ ^

  3. The first two covers are strong. the third one isn’t as much.
    I love the first one the best because of how the photos are aligned just like a film strip and the colors used in the text are cheerful and hopeful.
    The second book reminded me of a VCR tape cover. It looks like a documentary. Maybe they intended to do that because it’s about journalism?? therefore media? therefor VCR? I don’t know

  4. hmm.. everything you described made sense, and your choices were not bad at all.
    the 2nd and third book have their strong images and yet to be fixed by little changes which will make huge differences.
    Good luck with your choice ^.^

  5. Good choices of books Shaikah, but I don’t agree with you that they chose a good font in the first book because I think if they played more with the size of the font and placed it in some where else It would be a good idea. Because now it’s too big Comparing with the images.
    The second book has a strong image I really love it!
    And the last book they have a good image but I don’t think that the idea of repeating the same image in both sides is a good idea.

  6. Thanks all for the comments ^^

    Sara: about the third, it needs to be fixed yet it has a nice image that shows the content, i think. And yea about the second it kinda looks like a documentary maybe to represent the idea of journalism as you said ^^ hehe

    ALAnood: Thanks dear, i agree about the little fixation i think so too.

    Hessa: Thanks, mm about the first book i think font is simple and doesnt distract or take away from the images to me at least lol, but it’s another point of view ^ ^
    and yea i agree with you on the third one, the back need to be fixed as well as the image itself, has to have a good resolution. Thanks dear ^^

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