Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Alia T]



1. What is the story?
Uglies is the first book of the The Uglies Trilogy written by Scott Westerfeld. The second book is Pretties and the third is Specials. It is set in a post-scarcity futuristic world where, after every teenager’s 16th birthday, they are turned supermodel-gorgeous by an extreme operation. Those who are between the ages of twelve and sixteen and have not received the operation are called Uglies; and those who’ve had the operations are called Pretties. This seems like a good thing to be perfectly pretty, but it is rather not since it has a lot of symptoms undergoing the pretty-operation stages.

2. What are the strength?
The strength behind the book cover is the cool united colors and the strong image they used to describe the book’s content. The light turquoise or green-blue color combined with some white helps in keeping the image as the first hierarchy. The eye first catches the image then the title, which makes the viewer think about the connection between them. The broken part of the fake body in a surgery tool symbolizes the leftover/unwanted parts of a human body; the parts which needs a change!! It is as if the person is unsatisfied with what they have and therefore wants a change. Other strength could be the brief introduction and summary of the book and the unified back and front cover.

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?
I hardly can find any weaknesses in this book but I’m quit confused of the arrows floating around the cover!! The arrows could be to give a sense of movement…

1. What is the story?
The book consists of more than 2,000 logos from 30 countries, in depth case studies featuring the MINI COOPER, DKNY… as well as the world’s best design companies. So it is mostly based on logo images rather than writings…
2. What are the strength?
The simplicity of the design. Having mini images ordered and evenly spaced all around the books tells you about the content without even reading the title; the cover also gives you a brief information about what to expect in the book (the content). The choice of color is also credited since they only depended on two main colors (white and shiny purple-pink). The overall cover (back and front) is unified.3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?
Can’t find any 😉 It is perfect in my opinion.
(Being Straight in Allah’s Path)

1. What is the story?

The booklet is about how a Muslim should seek the right path throughout his lifetime; they should believe in Allah and then stand steadfast. “Istiqamah” is an important concept of Islam; it basically means to be straight, to follow the straight path, to remain firm on one’s principles and not to give up under difficulties or challenges. Some scholars say that it also means to be sincere and do good things in public as well in private life. Some others say that it means to be straight in words as well in deeds.

2. What are the strength?
I can’t find any, not the font nor the images and graphic… it definitely needs a lot of work 😉

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?
From where do I start?!?! The rainbow colors are disturbing, the font are not the same (even the font colors are different!!), there are extra unnecessary images (flowers, Islamic pattern…) and both the front and back are crowded… the back should be simpler and not crowded, therefore if the back images we important they can place it somewhere at the end of the book (IN the book)… the colors, graphic and font should be simplified and unified… Last but not least, it should have a HEIRARCHY!!!


~ by aliat on February 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Alia T]”

  1. I liked the image in (UGLIES)>> it tells the story and indicate the meaning.

    last book .. really need ;P

  2. Book# 1 : very interesting cover.
    Although we’ve seen the body parts of Barbie doll in many designs, this book cover makes you feel the mood of surgeries and hospitals.

    Book# 3: lool at “From where do I start?!?!” it definitely needs redesigning. It’s true that the designer used the elements of Islamic art however the cover design is not related to the content of the book at all >_<

  3. The 1st book has a strong hierarchy as you mentioned Alia.. The color palette chosen reminds me of hospital atmosphere and its walls.. The arrows on the covers are used by physicians in writing patient file and are cleverly used to keep the viewer’s eye moving around the cover.

    The 2nd book is a clear example of using grid system for designing the layout. The characters of the title are made up of different typefaces to show that logos can be type-based as well as image/symbol-based.

    I agree that the strong content of the 3rd book needs a strong cover.. The cover is poorly designed; the elements used, especially the flowers, don’t convey the story or reflect the title.. And many bright colors that hurt the eyes..

  4. Thnx for your comments…
    I need your help in translating the title plz, i’m not sure if i have translated it correctly (Being Straight in Allah’s Path)…

  5. I really liked the first book, it has an interesting image. Good choice Alia 😉
    And about the second book it was a great idea to use the logos thumbnails in the cover page but the fonts of the title bothers me because I think it’s too big and if they chose one font I think it’s enough.
    The last book I totally agree that it needs to be redesigned.

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