Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Alia K]

Book#1: click Here

Leadership Brand: Developing Customer-Focused Leaders to Drive Performance and Build Lasting by Dave Ulrich (Author), Norm Smallwood (Author) is a book that talks mainly about branding, creating, assessing, and preserving leadership.
The story: showing the meaning of leadership in a conceptual indicating way by using effective image that reflects the meaning. The red pen is different from the other blue in size, shape, color and position. Consequently, it attracts the eyes first and leads to it.

The Strength:
They are using strong, effective, conceptual image.
Simple and clear indicating illustration.
Easy to understand yet creative
Clear typography

The Weakness:
Using different fonts that vary in size and color.
It could be improved by unifying the typeface.


Book#2: link

Design Dialogues by Steven Heller.
It is a book that talks about dialogue designing. The front cover tells us about the main topic and the content by using simple elements and pictograph indicator. The design is interesting and unique.

The Strength:
The strength is represented by:
Bright and lively colors

The weakness and suggestion:
Lack of textual information on the front cover and lots on the back.
Suggestion: balance the information.

Book#3: link

The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking by Roger L. Martin.

In this insightful book, Roger Martin shows those brilliant leaders are skilled at interactive thinking that involves the communication and collaboration of people or things. It shows that they are able to resolve tension among opposing ideas and generate innovation outcome. Accordingly, the front cover of this book represents, reflects, and strengthens the title β€œ The Opposable Mind”. The artist used image of a ball or rounded shape made by interacting, unified communicating lines mixed and linked together and opposite of each other to form one unified strong rounded shape.

The strengths:
– abstraction
– simplicity

Font organization.



~ by aliakhalid on February 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Project: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Alia K]”

  1. The leadership book cover is amazing πŸ™‚
    i liked its simplicity and the idea of showing how a great leadership is different, more powerfull and has its dignity… nice choice of books πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks ^.^

  3. Steven Heller’s book is perfect.

    The other books – most of the text is floating. either too small or the leading is too large.
    The Leadership book visual is strong (normal pens, an expensive pen) but I wish the text around it was treated better.

  4. very powerful images in both books 1 and 2, however i think the text in book 2 is not as strong as the image..

    good choice of books & thanks for sharing ^^

  5. ^^ Sara Z ..>> I agree .. i think typography is not as good as the image

    Sara J >> I think soo tooo.. the text somehow does not support the image

    Thanks for your comment sis πŸ™‚

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