Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Aisha Harib]

( The Fountain Of Bellagio )

1. What is the story?

The Fountains of Bellagio were designed to be superlative, and not just in size. The people creating them wanted to bring sophistication and stateliness to a place better known for glitz, to embody the full spectrum of culture, from Technicolor musicals to Italian opera. They wanted to embody music that over the years has burrowed deep into the collective imagination, the collective heart. So leaving things up to gravity, or even the prevailing water jet technology, wasn’t going to do it. The basis of the work was elemental—water, air, sound and light. But everything else had to be coaxed into existence. Many forces mustered to act upon these waters—fountain designers, engineers and dancers, computer geeks, composers and musicians, scientists and divers, all focused on figuring out how to move the fountains so they, in turn, would move you. Water is not the only thing at work in a fountain; like joy, it requires a confluence of many things: patience, hard work, a lot of luck and a little magic.

2. What are the strength?

The book cover has attracted me in a curiosity way . what so special about it that this image speaks itself. The composition complement itself , yet i can see that the contrast goes really well with the photograph. i like the way how the image is manipulated it reflects what so special about the city through this image.

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?

text placing ….

( Against the machine )

1. What is the story?

Of course the Internet is not one thing or another; if anything, its boosters claim, the Web is everything at once. It’s become not only our primary medium for communication and information but also the place we go to shop, to play, to debate, to find love. Lee Siegel argues that our ever-deepening immersion in life online doesn’t just reshape the ordinary rhythms of our days; it also reshapes our minds and culture, in ways with which we haven’t yet reckoned. The web and its cultural correlatives and by-products—such as the dominance of reality television and the rise of the “bourgeois bohemian”—have turned privacy into performance, play into commerce, and confused “self-expression” with art. And even as technology gurus ply their trade using the language of freedom and democracy, we cede more and more control of our freedom and individuality to the needs of the machine—that confluence of business and technology whose boundaries now stretch to encompass almost all human activity.

2. What are the strength?

what so strong about this image, the combination and the presentation of the colors. includin, the creativity of putting book cover in a book cover.

( Good times , Bad times )

What are the strength?
nothing… i didn’t like it at all

3. What are the weaknesses? What can be improved?

everything is weak, by changing the background color .. and by approaching images that goes with the topic.


~ by aishaharib on February 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Aisha Harib]”

  1. I think that the layout of the second book is nice but it looks like a novel it doesn’t reflect the title since it has a very classical look.

  2. the text in the last book is floating badly lol
    The second book is too busy

    thanks for sharing

  3. the last book: even if it doesn’t look appealing at all, i think it has a story. most of the black/white images are smiley faces; they are happy. But the shades of black/white gave them the insecurity look, and maybe indicates the bad times. The green around it on the other hand MIGHT indicates the good times.

    i wish it was a different value of green. oo well, i must say the whole cover needs an urgent re-design!

  4. the placement of text in the first book is quite good actually.. doesn’t have to be on top all the time!

    and the 2nd book reminds me of Da Vinci’s science books and innovations.. some classical could be functional too which is quite interesting.

    the 3rd.. good luck with it ^.^”

  5. I REALLY like the cover of the first book; I totally agree I think it relates to the book content due to your summary. Regarding the last book I believe that you can improve it so much by choosing the right image and text.

    Best Of Luck ACE ;-P

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