Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Khulood A]

Best Book cover designs:  

1- A Broken Landscape HIV & AIDS in Africa

The strongest element in this book is using a photo of a landscape in Africa with an African woman. Also the colors are matching with the topic and the content of the book.URL:  

2- The Knitter’s Book of Yarn:

Neat and unique book cover design, with good choice of colors, and its very feminine that is related to the content of the book. URL: 

3- The Best Life Diet

This book has a strong cover with good images and matching colors, which talk about the content (Diet and healthy life).  

Bad Book cover designs:

 1-The divided self.

Very old style and need re-design from A-Z.,TopRight,45,-64_OU01_AA240_.jpg  


~ by kalrostamani on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Khulood A]”

  1. Khulood I must disagree with you about the last book cover. The photos are slapped together, there’s no harmony and one of the pictures is in grayscale. I thought it was too much.

    The first book – about HIV – is extremely interesting. Why? There’s no title! It makes you pick up the book and have to find out for yourself. The photo is high in quality. loved the idea.

    The second book – about yarn – is great because it captures the texture of yarn and fabric but if you want to add text on an object, I think you should change the weight to either “medium” or “heavy” (I’m talking about the text over the pink yarn thread)

    thanks for sharing

  2. about the 1st book, the red bar in the middle plays a great deal in explaining the title “A Broken Landscape”

    the red bar divides the landscape photo into two.. the photo by it self wouldn’t say much about “AIDs and broken land” , the bar was a strong element here.. or so i believe

  3. I totally agree with Shaikha, the side of the book tells about it all. it describes the title, the content and enhances the visual appearance of the book cover and give the image a concept rather than just a landscape of Africa.

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