Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Hamda].


1. What is the story?

the red ribbon is moving motion while its tearing apart while its moving which is an abstartct way of showing that a relation in the story is in a threat while they are moving on and changing.Moreover ,The red color is symbolize a strong emotion of love.

2. What are the strength?

one of the strong points in the design is the contrast between colors red and black and its very attractive looking that will make the customers read the content of the story the book and read the content.In addition the design cover is relevant to story content which covers vampires and murderers and are represented by the use of colors red and black . Moreover, The movement of the red ribbon lead your eyes directly to the story title.

3. What are the weakness? What can be improved?

I must say the font choice of story title is unreadable because of the font choice, It can be improved by using sans-serif font family .The writer name in the bottom of the box is lapping on the ribbon which makes a strong focal point and in contrast with the story title. I would suggest the writer name should be aligned on the right side.


1. What is the story?

The books cover shows a place with anciet history”bombay” and they tried to show the connection to this place by choosing the color of orange..the reflection on the water view represent the refelcted fuzzy person had through living in bombay
2. What are the strength? The book design gives you a glimpse of the story location by showing some mosques in bombay and the text is between the view and the reflection which makes a focal point for the story title and the writer.

3. What are the weakness? What can be improved?

The color combination is very tiring for the eye i would suggest change the background color from dark turquoise to light blue and change the graphic from the red orange to orange just like color of sunrise.

graphic design

1. What is the story?

an man standing by graphical lines in circles trying to understand what is this graphic story about.

2. What are the strength?

the man graphics in a simple way. you can know right away its about graphics

3. What are the weakness? What can be improved?

the lines with in circle way. it should show the connection more between the man and the graphics more.


~ by hamdazu on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [Hamda].”

  1. Hamda 😀

    The first book’s title should be much bigger than this. All the elements are floating.

    I love love love love Shantaram’s cover. it’s genius you know why? The author’s style is so classical (like an old epic) and yet this story takes place in the modern world. It reflects well on the cover. The cover looks classical (serif fonts, classic architecture, soft photoshop filter, textural) and modern (pop colors, strong contrast). that’s what I think

  2. the first and 2nd books are quite encouragement.. very attractive perspective of vision and it also reflects the content as it should be..

    the 3rd.. kind of a disaster reflection of a graphic book >_< it looks like a cheap eye trick book to me =s

  3. I saw the first book in the books store and it grape my attention, an attractive image that they have on the cover and they used the font in a good way.
    And the second book is very simple and unique, However the last book as alanood said it’s a disaster because it talks about the graphic design, and the graphic work shouldn’t be in this quality >_<

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