Project A: Research [best book/magazine cover design] [Sara.J]


Book 1: Lucia: A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon. by Andrea Di Robilant.

1. What is the story?
The story of this novel cover is very simple yet attractive in my point of view. It consist of 3 main visuals:

1- The portrait of Lucia, by the Swiss painter: Angelica Kauffmann

2- The title of the Novel

3- The name of the author: Andrea Di Robilant, who is her descendant actually.

The story [ of the visuals ] begins with the blue eyes of Lucia, the beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter of a prominent Venetian statesman, which leads us to the other features of her face [ nose & mouth ]. After that the viewers seek for more information about this beautiful portrait [Novel title] and luckily it is placed right under her pretty face in a white, elegant typeface. and finally comes the name of the author at the bottom of this beautiful composition.

2. What are the strength?
The Novel is about the fall of Venice and the rise of a new age during the Napoleonic period as seen through the eyes and thoughts of his great- great- great- great- grandmother Lucia and unfolding her most personal concerns. Therefore, I think using the portrait of this beautiful lady, Lucia, was a brilliant idea of the publishing agency or whomever was concerned about designing the cover because it allowed the readers to enjoy reading the book and the chance to meet Lucia

3. What are the weakness? What can be improved?
From my point of view everything is well organized & used well [painting, typefaces, titles& subtitles] . However, the red box that contains the author name distracts the eyes from enjoying this wonderful piece of art.


Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

Book 2: Girls of Riyadh. by Rajaa Al Sanea.

1. What is the story?
The cover has very feminine look and feel with all these glittery ornaments and colors which precisely reflect the content of the book: the hidden world of four young Saudi women and their amazing stories.

2. What are the strength?
I think the appearance of the book cover is very strong and the typeface & text are very well integrated into the over all design.


Professional Photography

Book 3: Professional Photography | Family Portraits. by David Daye

1. What is the story?
the cover of this book translates the content of it in a very simple way which is a portrait of a very normal teenage girl that could be your sister/ daughter or even yourself.

2. What are the strength?
Very powerful picture/ layout/ use of space and typography.


~ by sara.jassim on February 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Project A: Research [best book/magazine cover design] [Sara.J]”

  1. in my opinion, the “Girls of Riyadh” cover is a bit crowded.. it hearts my eye, not sure if the contrast of colors are disturbing or the absence of negative space…

    i agree with you concerning the “Professional Photography” cover, the image is so powerful…

  2. The weight of the text in the first book cover should be heavier I think.
    The second book – Girls of Riyadh – has great graphic design but does that mean that those girls are blingy and materialistic? lol
    It could be insulting because I thought of “bling” when I saw it.

  3. yeah it could be heavier, but I think its elegant and suits the mood of the painting behind it.

    about Girls of Riyadh, the graphics really caught my attention when i first saw the book at the book-store compared to the Arabic version of it >_< which was so weak.
    well, the book is actually about the stories of 4 young Saudi women who navigate the narrow passage/ difficulties between love, desire and Islamic traditions in a very strict society.
    and it so not about materialism and blingy stuff at all lol.. I think the designer of this cover was trying to illustrate the life of Khaleejy young women through such illustrations, which in my opinion is very close to the Arabian tales & stories.

  4. the 1st book: so classic. the text seems like it was just thrown there, but if u reaaaally tried to situate the title and the sub somewhere else it would feel unbalanced.

    about the red-pink bar: the authe’s name was so important at that point of time when the book was published maybe? . i guess the designer wanted to create some kind of rhythm with her lip color maybe? .. though it’s really distracting..

  5. yeah i guess so, maybe they wanted to emphasize the name of the author so they put it in a pink-bar ..

  6. 1st book: beautiful cover but not sure about the text aligment .

    2nd book: great contrast and the text placment is smart.

    3rd book: i dun think the image is related to topic title because the book title isProfessional Photography | Family Portraits. maybe if it was family picture or camera it will be more relevant to the topic.and text is transparent -_- this book needs a redesign!

  7. Nice Choice
    Book3 .. i like how the designer focus on the image .. i can tell that this book about photography by seeing the cover since the designer emphasize the image .. but the quality of the image not that good >> i do not maybe that his the concept ?!?
    Thank for sharing 🙂

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