Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [AlAnood]

1. exploring Package Design


What is the story?
basic book shows the complete process of creating variety of packaging forms. it includes the important concepts and principles of many informative case studies regarding this major. Full illustrations of mock-ups that are clear, organized and easy to understand.

What are the strengths?
the title of the book is quite powerful for those whom interested in packaging design. the cover shows images of different designs which emphasize the content of the book. the back cover explains in brief and explains the main concepts of the book.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
the colors are merely mat, not quite attractive in comparing of the book’s content. Typography are not relevant to each other, there is more than 4 different typefaces which creates a confusion. also, there is couple of typing mistakes at the back of the book.

2. the Historian


What is the story?
novel written by Elizabeth Kostova “To you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my history..” tells about her own experience with her father where she finds mysterious letters, secrets and facts regarding her father’s past, along with her late mother..

What are the strengths?
the contrast between colors are bright strong. using the black with bits of red wine color added such unique classical look into the cover which also makes a direct connection with the content. not more than 2 typefaces been used emphasizing the design. the back cover has an off white color with a transparent classical writings as a background, made a strong mysterious look of how an old letter looks like

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
as far as good it looks.. there is no weakness worth o be mentioned ^.^

3. the Secret


What is the story?
its more of a book of quotes and facts of life, a lot of people -artists, thinkers, scientists, theologians- who changed history are mentioned. it also says “you hold in your hands a great secret”, an attractive concept of exploring self within..

What are the strengths?
very simple and clear. the title is combined with an illustration which is an old wax stamp of the letters which gives a sense of how strong this secret is. the whole cover is showing very classical writings and some sketches regarding the profession of being a thinker or a producer. colors are attractive and only 1 typeface been used other than the classical look of the title itself.

What are the weaknesses, what can be improved?
quite attractive and simple.. no need to be improved whatsoever


~ by alanood on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project A: Research Best Book/Magazine Cover [AlAnood]”

  1. Alanood nice collection of books..
    I agree with you about the packaging book. Too many typefaces. it looks like a science book a BIT. No offence to the book lol
    but I’m glad the pictures are divided. it would’ve been messy

    The second book – the Historian – is perfect. It truly looks like something historical. The serif font, the script font… it’s elegant. I don’t know what the deep red color symbolizes but it does look elegant.

    The third book – the secret – uses serif and script too. it’s similar to the second book but I don’t get it much.

  2. about the book exploring Package Design the design isn’t attractive they are so much images i wish it was aligned in interesting way but i cant deny that this book has a great valuable contetnt

  3. The exploring Package Design book has a very good content but it doesn’t have an attractive design in the book cover. I agree with you to redesign this book and show it’s useful content in the cover in a superior way 😉
    The two other books are good enough and I liked the secret more.

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